Maneuvering for November Election Results in Lawsuit

Sep 4, 2013

A Syracuse University political science expert says the maneuvering by Onondaga County Republicans to keep a ballot line open in November without naming a candidate could work for and against the party. 

Professor Grant Reeher of the Maxwell School of Citizenship says it is a bit unusual, and could also be risky:

"If you’re going to then engage in these kinds of gyrations, on the one hand, it looks like you don’t know what you’re doing and it looks like you don’t have a good plan. On the other hand, if at the end of the day you end up with a much stronger candidate, then you can see the logic in it, I suppose.”

It all started when Republican Committee Chair Tom Dadey put his name in as a placeholder until they could find a real candidate.  When he moved out of the city, Dadey became ineligible.  The party then substituted Councilor-At-Large candidate Kevin Kuehner’s name for mayor, even though he has no intention to run. 

Tom Dadey

In response to this most recent write-in, Democrats quietly filed a lawsuit late Friday that Dadey says his party will challenge:

“The Democrats are a little disingenuous with their lawsuit because the Democrat city auditor –  who’s supposed to be impartial – [his] brother is behind the lawsuit, filed on behalf of Mayor Miner. We are going to defend that on Monday, and we’re still trying to find a Republican candidate for mayor.”

But the state supreme court judge could decide in favor of the Democrats, which would ensure no Republican names would appear on the ballot in November. Speculation has swirled for months that Democrat Pat Hogan could be nominated to run on the Republican line if he loses the primary election on Tuesday.

Democratic Candidate Alfonso Davis

Do you know everyone who’s running for Syracuse Mayor?  There’s Mayor Stephanie Miner and Pat Hogan... but what about Alfonso Davis?  One of the platforms the Democrat is focusing on education.

“And I respectfully say that if we had a comprehensive vocational program like we once had with Central Tech, that we can offer programs like auto mechanics, carpentry, electrician, computer technology, nurses aid, L.P. and R.N., chef, cosmetology – or an array of skill sets that will allow our young people to go from the classroom right to the work force.”

Alfonso Davis
Credit Alfonso Davis For Mayor of Syracuse

Davis adds by doing so he thinks it will cut down on gun violence and related violence in our community if young people have skill sets.  He also intends to develop new tax incentives for new businesses.

“Instead of taxing you at a hundred percent right out of the gate, we’ll give you a percentage, and within eight to ten years we would like to gradually move you up to one hundred percent. But what you have to allow us to do is evaluate each year how the business is doing, and how we, the city, and you as a business owner can help grow your business.”

The Mayoral candidate is quite critical of Mayor Miner and claims she hasn’t done a single thing to improve the city.  Davis tells us that a taped television debate was canceled today when the Mayor pulled out and Candidate Pat Hogan couldn’t attend because of a wedding rehearsal.  He plans to use social media and personal door to door visits to promote his platform and gain a competitive following.