Medicaid Transportation Company Plans 80 New Jobs at Downtown Syracuse Call Center

Aug 14, 2013

A Syracuse company that manages Medicaid transportation announced Wednesday it will add 80 new jobs in its Syracuse headquarters. 

MAS CEO Russ Maxwell makes new jobs announcement
Credit Christian Bersani/WAER News

Medical Answering Services will manage the transportation of all Medicaid patients across 24 counties ranging from the Hudson Valley to Western New York.

The company has been awarded a 3 year contract worth 3 million dollars per year. C-E-O Russ Maxwell says they’ll be filling a need in the community and providing good jobs.

"We're hiring a bunch of call-center service representatives.  Depending on how hard they work, they can make anywhere from 22-to-30-thousand dollars-a-year.  We offer full health insurance, a 401-k (plan) with generous match.  We know that in order to have a great business we need great employees and we have to offer them a competitive wage and a good work environment to keep them here. "

Maxwell says in addition to these positions, the company will hire supervisors, trainers, Medicaid analysts, financial processors, and quality assurance staff. Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney is appreciative to M-A-S. for expanding their Syracuse location and hopes this will mark a starting point for other opportunity in the area.

"To take these smart people and bring them together and figure out how we can use that public transportation system to get people to their necessary doctors' appointments is the kind of thinking that is going to make New York the kind of place where a lot more people can find jobs and a lot more people can raise their families.  This is a great start; I',m so happy that it's here in Onondaga County that we can call Russ our own." 

Mahoney says this contract will also reduce the cost of Medicaid for both the local government and community tax payers. M-A-S could grow to a total of 250 employees at their West Onondaga street office over the contract period.