Meet Jaden Willis, Newest Member of WAER (Really Scott & Kathy Willis') Family

Nov 22, 2013

WAER News Producer Scott Willis and Wife Kathy made their adoption of Jaden official on National Adoption Day at the Oncenter.
Credit Kaitlyn Richards/WAER News

  Forty children joined loving families Friday at the Oncenter as part of National Adoption Day.  This year’s ceremony was even more special for all of us at WAER.


On most days, Scott Willis is an anchor for All Things Considered on WAER.  But today, Scott became a parent. 

“It’s great to share this day with so many other families who have decided to take children into their homes."

Scott and his wife Kathy first met Jaden when he was just 29 days old.  They had tried for some time to have a child, and eventually made the decision to become foster parents.

Scott and Kathy finalized paperwork, along with other families that made adoptions final Friday at the Oncenter
Credit Kaitlyn Richards/WAER News

  “It really feels like a miracle, we wanted children and in the end we got this beautiful child and we cannot ask for anything more,” Kathy said.

For two years they had Jaden as a foster child but there was always that fear that they could lose him.

“You never know during the process what might happen,”  said Scott. “In the intervening two years he could have gone back to his biological parents.”

Now, Jaden is officially a member of the Willis family.  They’re now encouraging other people to become foster parents or adopt.

“There are so many kids, and it enriches your life in ways you could never imagine,” Kathy said.


Allison Hall and Tonya Thompson hold Grayson Thompson-Hall at Adoption Day.
Credit Kaitlyn Richards/WAER News

  Allison Hall and Tonya Thompson had a different type of adoption day story.  Thompson is the biological mother of Grayson Thompson-Hall.  Their proceeding was expedited to bring their family together on National Adoption Day.