Miner's Budget Proposal Would Add Police Officers, Firefighters

Apr 7, 2014

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner releases her budget proposal Tuesday, and it includes five million dollars to hire more police officers and firefighters.  As many as 25 new police officers and 25 firefighters could be on the streets starting next year. 

Mayor Miner flanked by Police Chief Frank Fowler, left, and Fire Chief Paul Linnertz, right. Behind them are members of the common council.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News
  Miner says it's about balancing retirements and new positions with overtime costs.  
  Miner says the city can’t hide behind its money troubles and do nothing.   Common Council majority leader Helen Hudson says unless the state or federal governments provide more resources, that’s all they can hire for right now.  
Common Councilors await the Mayor's announcement in the lobby outside the Mayor's office.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

"It's not going to replace all the officers we're going to need, but right now, as far as our budget can tell us, this is all we can hire as a city.  If we can get some federal aid or grants, or  some state grants, then I can see us taking more classes in." 

If approved, the city would start the hiring process in May.  Hudson and her council colleagues will get a better idea of what else is...or is not in Miner's budget proposal when they start reviewing the spending plan on Wednesday.