NPR Hires First On-Staff Announcer, Funding Credits

Oct 23, 2013

A new NPR voice will quickly become one of the most-heard in radio broadcasting. Sabrina Farhi joins NPR as the first on-staff Announcer – voicing all broadcast and digital underwriting credits. Listeners will begin to hear Farhi’s own articulation of “Support for NPR comes from…” in November, as she reminds audiences of the multitude of Member stations, corporations and institutions who contribute funding to NPR and public radio.

Sabrina Farhi - The new voice of NPR funding credits
Credit NPR
 “Out of hundreds of voices, Sabrina’s immediately stood out for its warmth and conversational approach,” says Eric Nuzum, vice president of NPR Programming. “We think listeners and supporters will find her engaging.”

 Farhi, a voice-over and theater actress, will work out of NPR’s Washington, D.C. headquarters, to record, produce and edit all underwriting credits. For the remainder of 2013, she will be heard on WAER alongside Frank Tavares, the longtime and iconic voice of NPR credits. Tavares has voiced NPR’s funding credits for more than three decades – and since moving from Washington in the late 1980s, has recorded them from his home in Connecticut.

In addition to her commercial voice-over work, which includes national campaigns for TIAA-Cref and Bioré Skincare, Farhi has extensive experience performing in the New York City independent theatre community, and frequently with No Tea Productions. Farhi was born and raised in New York City, and lived abroad for ten years before getting her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Brandeis University. She is currently completing her Master of Arts in Media Studies at the New School, with a focus in Sound Studies.

NPR’s journalism and programming is made possible by the generous commitment and support of corporations, foundations and individuals. Sponsorship messaging on NPR is highlighted in an uncluttered environment – and offers sponsors unprecedented reach to and engagement with its audience of 27 million listeners weekly. Farhi will voice all underwriting credits featured in national NPR broadcasts and across digital platforms, including podcasts, playlists and program streams at and in the suite of mobile apps.