NYS Tourism Gets $4 Billion Dollar Boost from 'I Love NY' Campaign in 2013

Jan 1, 2014

A lot more people visited New York State in 2013… even more in-state residents became tourists themselves; bringing in billions in extra tourism revenue.  Looking ahead in 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled this week the State intends to keep the momentum going.  The Governor says last year’s investment on tourism really paid off.

The winter 'I Love New York' promo campaign will focus on the slopes and snowmobiling trails.
Credit 'I Love NY' website.

“And it’s working.  We spent about $60 million dollars in a promotional campaign.  And we increased tourism this year (2013) seven percent.  What does that mean?  That means another $4 billion dollars.  Billion with a “b” in economic activity in the state of New York from Tourism.”

The State wants to lure NYC Tourists to take a day trip, Upstate.
Credit 'I Love NY' website.

A new 4.5 million dollar “I Love New York” campaign will focus on Upstate ski resorts and snowmobiling trails.  The intention is to entice some of the 55 Million tourists primarily in New York City to take a second day trip, northbound.

Credit 'I Love NY' website.

“The closest and the best skiing is right here in the State of New York.  When it comes to snowmobiling… 10,000 miles of trails.”

Cuomo feels part of the problem that still exists is that even New Yorker’s haven’t been exposed to the state’s natural beauty and tourism options.  The new ads will also air in the U-S and internationally.  Click here to visit the "I Love NY" website.