OCC Welcomes New President

Jul 1, 2013

New Onondaga Community College President Casey Crabill went undercover to explore how students felt about the institution.  She scoped out the school as a prospective student to see what she would be getting into.

New Onondaga Community College President Casey Craybill
Credit sunyocc.edu

“I did a little kind of a “secret shopper” visit when I was considering coming here and met with students over in the student central and I had a chance to talk with them said I was thinking about coming here and here what did they think? So I met students that way and they told me some great things. They talked a lot about the support that was here for students and every single student I met said we had great teachers and they’re always there to help you.”

Today was Crabill’s first day on the job, and also knows class size is an important factor in a students’ academic growth as they begin their college careers. 

Freshman and sophomores find themselves in classes with hundreds of students. If you are the least bit timid or unsure of what you’re going to do or perhaps don’t have a lot folks in your family who can talk about what it’s like in college, that can be an incredibly intimidating experience. We take that away.”

Crabill says she’d hate to see a community college get to the size where students felt classes didn’t offer a personal experience.  She likes how O-C-C can be a bridge for students getting their start or someone looking to change their career.