Onondaga County Comptroller Announces Taxpayer-Funded Campaign for State Office

May 7, 2014

Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci says he has what it takes to run for the same office on the state level.  He announced today his plans to try and unseat incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli. Antonacci is a certified public accountant and an attorney. But he says choosing to use taxpayer dollars to finance his campaign might also set him apart.

Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci addresses supporters and the media; to his left is his wife Michele, and County GOP Chairman Tom Dadey.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Antonacci says he’s proud to publicly fund his campaign.  But incumbent Tom Dinapoli has said he will opt out and raise money the traditional way. The County Comptroller further went on to say how much he enjoys auditing, its power to shape policy, and his desire to ensure policy effectiveness.

Posters line the wall at County GOP headquarters.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Antonacci has been a long-time resident of Central New York and was elected twice by voters, first in 2007 and again in 2011.  He has educational roots in the region as well, earning his Bachelor's degree from Le Moyne College and his law degree from Syracuse University. Antonacci isn’t likely to face a primary. He was handpicked by the state’s GOP chair and has the support of local Republicans.