Onondaga County Lawmakers Don't Get Much Feedback On OCC budget

Jun 14, 2013

County legislators are considering Onondaga Community College’s budget proposal.  

An empty podium greeted Onondaga County lawmakers at a public hearing on OCC's budget.
Credit John Smith, WAER News

Although no one showed up to today’s public hearing, interim president, Margaret O’Connell, asked for a three percent increase in the County’s contribution.  Legislator Brian May believes the request will not be as controversial as last year’s because lawmakers are not being asked to help fund new buildings or renovations.

“I think that’s largely because the budget request this year is primarily focused on operating expenses.  Last year we dealt with significant amount of capital requests… Capital improvement requests from the college.”

May notes New York State will match Onondaga County’s contributions to the college dollar for dollar. The college’s Board of Trustees has already agreed to increase tuition by three percent.  The Onondaga legislature will make a decision regarding the college’s request on July 2nd . They’re being asked to fund 9.6 million dollars of the 78 million dollar operating budget.  -