Perez-Williams Takes Syr Mayoral Primary over Party Choice Nicoletti and Masterpole

Sep 12, 2017

Primary Day in Onondaga County and Syracuse
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

Democrats choose Jaunita Perez Williams as their nominee in the Syracuse race for mayor over the candidate party leaders choose earlier this summer.  Williams out-polled Joe Nicoletti by a 52% to 34% margin.  Marti Masterpole, the third candidate on the ballot drew about 10% of the vote in Tuesday’s primary. 

The three candidates were down from a total of six democrats who initially were vying for the nomination.  Chris Fowler, Alphonso Davis and Raymond Blackwell were unable to secure.

In other primary races, Latoya Allen will try to keep a democrat in the 4th Syracuse Common Council seat.  She beat primary opponents Michael Greene and Christopher Montgomery.  The district has been represented by Khalid Bey, who will run for a Councilor-at-large seat in November’s election.

Three Democrat incumbent judges also won primary nods Tuesday.  James Cecile, Vanessa Bogan and Derrek Thomas will all appear on the party line, after taking the top three vote totals over challenger Frank Pelosi. 

Results of primaries for County Legislature candidates in the Conservative and Independent parties, mayoral votes in the Independent and Reform parties, and other primaries for various town positions can be found at the Onondaga County Board of Elections (Click Here).