On Point Gets Inner City Kids Ready for College with Study Habits and Back-to-School Shopping

Aug 16, 2013

Students go on a shopping visit to Destiny USA thanks to On Point for College. They also got orientation and study tips early as part of pre-college preparation.
Credit Chenelle Terry/WAER News

Low-income Syracuse-area college students got a helping hand today as they prepare to head to campus for their first classes, with the help of On Point for College.

 On Point for College Associate Director of Development Fritz Diddle accompanied students to Destiny USA where each new student got money to spend on new clothes before starting their first year in college.


"Today, we’re here at the mall, Destiny and we’re taking I believe about 45 students shopping for $150 worth of school clothes. And we also will drive them to college on the first day so they don’t have to worry about transportation”

The organization is continuing its mission to create an easier path for disadvantaged, first generation college students.  He says many of the students just don’t think college is in the cards for them. That’s why something like free clothing to prepare them for their new journey, means so much to students like Medina Stockley.

Shopping for college. On Point for College students were given money to get some clothes before going of to college for the first time.
Credit Chenelle Terry/WAER News

“It means a lot because I have a 3 year old that he’s going to school so I had to buy school clothes for him so for somebody to do it for me it’s pretty awesome”

Through On Point’s pre-college orientation, students learned about school curriculum, campus life, and tips on how to succeed in the new environment. Upcoming freshman Michael Kisselstein says On Point for College has been a real life changer for him.



“They’ve gotten us the school supplies the backpacks, they’re helping us get to college because that’s what they want to do. It means a lot to me personally because otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to get to into college. This is helping me phenomenally get to where I need to be. It’s great that the people are actually taking this time to do this”

The organization is able to provide these services through local donations and corporate sponsorships. In the next few weeks, volunteers will be loading up their cars to take the students to college so they can begin a path to a more promising future.