Republicans Keep Just About All Their Majority in Onondaga County Legislature

Nov 6, 2013

Onondaga County Legislature Chair Ryan McMahon (at podium) joins GOP Party Chair Tom Dadey on stage after he won re-election to his 16th district seat
Credit John Smith/WAER News

The results of Tuesday’s election will end up looking pretty much like things before the election for the Onondaga County Legislature.  Republicans appear to have a 13-4 majority, down a seat from the 14-3 majority they now enjoy.  Though one incumbent isn’t a solid winner…giving democrats hope of picking up one seat.  Legislature Chair Ryan McMahon was one of many G-O-P incumbents that won handily.

"It’s important to note, we ran as a team; we ran on how we’ve cut property taxes, how we’ve made this community more business friendly, how we’ve done innovative things, whether that’s cleaning Onondaga lake, whether that’s creating a loop the lake trail to create tourism opportunities, whether that’s the land bank, whether that’s a new crime program that we’re going to work to implement in the next two years.  We ran on that ticket and we’re going to implement that ticket and we won on that ticket tonight."

The 13-4 majority would let the G-O-P rule legislation, borrowing…and even have the ability to override vetoes by moderate county executive Joanie Mahoney.  While eight republicans ran unopposed, four democrats all faced challenges.  Incumbent Linda Ervin got plenty of job support with more than 80-percent of the vote.  And despite being in the minority she’s trying to make some progress.

"We started working on the monitoring of the jail, the public safety building.  When I first got down there that was one of my priorities because we had too many suits, people being mistreated and we’re about ready to come up with a resolution to change some of that.  Also continue on with the things we’re doing with the land bank, that’s important to the community.  We also just started an economic development fund like the fund that the governor has.  Use some funds to help some fledgling organizations get started."

Fellow Democrat Lorene Dadey is awaiting results of absentee ballots…since she trailed incumbent Danny Liedka by fewer than 80 votes by the end of election night.  Regardless, the G-O-P would enjoy a majority of more than two-to-one. 

Other winners of contested races include republicans Judy Tassone, Kathleen Rapp, and Pat Kilmartin. Democrats who won include Monica Williams Chris Ryan and Peggy Chase.