Science Teaching Doesn't Have to be Dry as CNY Students Learn Through Music

Oct 17, 2013

ESM Middle School students dumped applesauce on a teacher's head, all in the name of science during the FMA Live (Force equals Mass times Acceleration) performance.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

A program put together by NASA and Honeywell is trying to get middle and high school students in Central New York more interested in science.  Sixth graders at Pine Grove Middle School in Eastwood got the message Wednesday.

Hip Hop Music, singing and dancing doesn’t sound much like a science class…but the message about motion in the music was used to teach Newton’s laws of physics.  Sixth grader Elaina Gooden got the message from one of the fun demonstrations.

“Two teachers wearing these big, huge costumes and they were talking about how Force equals Mass times Acceleration.  The teachers’ mass, once they pushed each other, they would fall over...and it was really funny.”

The multi-media production also appealed to sixth grader Owen White.

“All the videos they had playing on the side with the guy pretending to be Isaac Newton, which was pretty fun and scientific at the same time.”

A student jumping on a Velcro wall was used to demonstrate Newton's principle of 'Inertia' during the NASA/Honeywell science event.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

Honeywell and NASA have been doing the presentations almost ten years… and as one of the hosts, Eric Olson says with some self-interest.

“Honeywell has an interest in this generation to be their workforce in coming years.  Studies have shown that jobs in Science, Tech, Engineering and Math are increasing at a huge rate, while at the same time students pursuing education in those career fields is decreasing.”

The Forces in motion show plays to students at Lincoln Middle School Friday.