Senator Schumer Spells Out FEMA Relief For Flooding Victims

Jul 3, 2013

Senator Chuck Schumer toured areas Wednesday that have been ravaged by flooding over the past five days.  He joined officials in Oneida to renew his push for the area to be declared a federal disaster area.  His visit comes a day after FEMA officials toured the region.  Schumer is hoping FEMA assistance can start getting to homeowners and municipalities soon. 

Schumer said he saw plenty of destruction and impact for the area to qualify.

“After surveying the damage today, it is abundantly clear that the region needs help, and I am urging FEMA to approve the State’s request to make Madison County and other counties impacted by this flooding eligible for federal aid. This aid will help Oneida residents get back on their feet, and will support repairs to homes, businesses, roads, bridges, parks, water facilities and more.”

Schumer noted that individual assistance from FEMA can help individuals, households and businesses through funding for temporary housing and grants to repair damage not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy.