Seniors get a jump on Medicare Open Enrollment at State Fair

Aug 27, 2013

Fidelis Care had a booth at the State Fair during Senior Day to help with Medicare decisions.
Credit John Smith/WAER News

Choosing a Medicare plan is probably not on the minds of seniors attending the state fair during Tuesday's senior day. 

But open enrollment is just around the corner, and officials say knowing your options can make a big difference in cost and coverage.  Director of marketing with Fidelis Care Tom Julian says it can’t hurt to review the plans to see what fits best…

When they’re looking, they need to make sure the price is right for them, that they’re not getting charges for things they don’t’ necessarily need.  They should make sure they’re provider is in the network, that the drugs they take are covered by that carriers formulary, because all the plans have a formulary, which is basically the drugs we’ll cover, and these are the cost sharing based on what the drug is.”

Julian finds the biggest problem facing seniors and their coverage is a lack of knowledge.  He says it’s important to research the plans, including what co-pays and deductibles might be involved for certain procedures. 


“Sit down with your calculators, piece of paper, and say OK, I know I gotta go in to have my hip replaced, so what’s it gonna cost me? Or, I know I have to have my knee replaced,  what’s it gonna cost me?  That’s what people have to start looking at.”      

Julian says choosing the best plan during open enrollment is critical because most seniors aren’t allowed to change Medicare plans for the rest of the year.   Open enrollment begins October first and runs through December 7th.  More information is at