SPCA Looking for Holiday Giving to Finish Kennel Renovations

Dec 2, 2013

View of the old kennels for large dogs at the CNY SPCA. The group launched donation drive Monday to renovate them.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

The Central New York S-P-C-A is hoping people’s holiday generosity will help them make their kennels a little more joyous for the animals.  Officials say newer facilities might be better for both the pets and the workers.

SPCA officials want to renovate the kennels for large dogs…who as you can hear (barking) would like nicer accommodations.  Director Paul Morgan has already fixed up the smaller dog kennels …and is seeing several benefits. 

The small dog kennel renovation was finished this year. The Large dog kennels will look like this when finished. Officials say staff enjoys working there better, animals are also calmer.
Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News

"Since we've made a transformation from the old style to the new style the employees in that area seem more happy to come to work.  You get different response from the animal.  When you have a dog behind a kennel and they can see another animal they're more aggressive a way.  Since we've made this change, it's a lot more calmer environment." 

The new kennels have doors that are metal on the bottom and glass on the top…so dogs can’t see through to all the other kennels.  Add in new paint, planned new ceilings and better heat and air, and the facility will look much nicer.  Morgan says it even helps with fundraising – when people see the space.  Board Treasurer Nick Pirro wants to continue the improvement.

"When you see the difference between the small kennel, which we've been able to do with previous grants and donations, you'll see that it's a day and night comparison and certainly will make for a better life for the animals who pass through here  to adopted homes."

The year-long appeal seeks to raise 200-thousand dollars.  And the residents (more barking) sound pretty excited about people’s holiday good will.

Donation information about ‘Kennels for Canines’ is at: CNYSPCA.org or at (315) 454-4479