Students Get a Chance to Explore Health Careers at MASH Camp

Feb 19, 2015

Not all students in Onondaga County are truly taking a full winter break. Instead, twenty-four students were seizing the opportunity Thursday and Friday to get introduced to medical career fields. The 13th annual MASH camp has been held at Upstate University Hospital's Community General Campus every year.  It’s a chance for Rural Metro’s Ed Moser to provide them first hand-experience. 

"My job is to teach them what it's like to be an EMT or a paramedic so we get to play with all the toys here today. Everyone wants to see how their heart rate is."

Students are able to get involved in hands-on activities at MASH Camp at Upstate University Hospital's Community Campus
Credit John Smith / WAER

So he wired them up to an EKG machine to read their vitals. Some students are led to the camp through family inspiration such as Allison Loomis.

"I think because of the whole thing, I want to be a forensic scientist, and my mom and dad are paramedics and nurses."

A career calling sometimes happens by witnessing a life experience, as Caitlyn McAfee found out.  She’s considering Radiology. 

"My grandfather has cancer and he had an awesome support staff that helped him through and I want to be able to do that for other people."

Caitlyn McAfee (left) and Allison Loomis (right) pose with their EKG slips during an activity.
Credit John Smith / WAER

The camp is arranged through the Central New York Health Education Center.  Program Coordinator John North says he often hears back from parents that their son or daughter have an exciting experience.

"It often times provides students with an idea for different directions and to different health care careers. They might find that they like recreational therapy for instance and they might want to go into that field as a result of a workshop here."

About 14 MASH Camps are held throughout the year. To learn about how students can get involved, visit