SU Football Builds Teamwork at Fort Drum

Aug 16, 2013

Fort Drum, NY -  Earlier this morning, Syracuse football players and coaches alike filed off the team bus one by one with sweatshirts turned inside-out. Because getting your favorite sweatshirt covered in paint would be no fun.

For another year, SU football players and coaches played paintball with their teammates and members of the military at Fort Drum.

"We're having a blast out here," wide receiver John Kinder said. "There was a lot of teamwork and communication out there. We got to have some of the soldiers on our team, so we were following their lead."

The Orange was split into six teams, called "platoons." The coaching staff was teamed up as the 6th platoon, and were shot at early and often by their players. 1st-year head coach Scott Shafer and defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough were two of the many who were eliminated within seconds of their first match.

Mackey MacPherson leads the 1st platoon out on to the "battlefield"
Credit Ben Fontana, 2013

The 1st platoon, headed by senior defensive tackle Jay Bromley and center Mackey MacPherson, led the charge. The 'Cuse veterans headed to the Championship Game where they reigned supreme over the 4th platoon, concluding the 2-hours of paintball matches.

Overall, the vibe from the team was extremely playful and loose during the course of the morning. Friday is the last day of Syracuse's 4-game stay at Fort Drum.

Don't forget, SU kicks off its season in two weeks when it takes on Penn State on August 31st at MetLife Stadium for New York's College Classic. WAER's coverage starts with a special hour-long "Countdown to Kick-Off," followed by the game at 3:30 PM on 88.3 FM.