Suspects Try to Build Radiation Weapon in Upstate Federal Terrorism Case

Jan 27, 2014

Federal prosecutors caught suspects they say were trying to make weapon that would kill with X-ray radiation.

  A plan to build a remote-operated radiation emitting device sounds like a plotline in a Hollywood film. 

Federal Prosecutors in Syracuse are in the midst of such a case with a strange series of events. Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney John Duncan says a case like this is most unusual…

“When you hear allegations that they wanted to build a machine that would emit x-ray radiation to cause the death of others, you have to be somewhat skeptical in the beginning as to whether that was possible.”

Legal authorities say that they were alerted by local Jewish organizations after being approached by two men for financial support. The aim of this weapon of mass destruction was to eradicate groups via deathly amounts of x-ray radiation. Duncan says undercover F-B-I agents were making deals with the suspects to finish the device.  

“There was no time when the public was ever in danger, but as they tracked the case the arrests finally came as they were attempting to put together a remote triggering device with this particular machine and make it active.”

Duncan says the two men were working by themselves, not part of any terrorist group.  Eric Feight of Hudson, New York has pleaded guilty on the charges of Providing Material Support to Terrorists.  Glendon Crawford of Galway, New York is charged with trying to use a weapon of mass destruction and creating a radiological dispersal device.  His federal trial is scheduled for mid-March.