Syracuse City Councilors Question Property Sales to Land Bank

Aug 5, 2014

At least two Syracuse Common Councilors are starting to take a stand against the almost automatic sale of hundreds of tax delinquent properties to the land bank and not giving others the option to buy.  

This house on Curtis St. is for sale by the Syracuse Land Bank.
  About 30 properties were on this week's agenda, and Councilor Nader Maroun voted no on all of them.  
At the council's previous meeting,  Kathleen Joy  issued a  similar protest "no" vote on land bank properties.   She says she’s gravely concerned that the Miner Administration isn’t even entertaining applications from individuals to purchase  properties either for themselves or as an investment to repair and sell later.  

The land bank has been buying up hundreds of delinquent properties, selling them to qualified owners, or scheduling the worst ones for deconstruction.   The issue is likely to come up at a committee meeting next week when the council discusses the land bank’s contract.