Syracuse Demonstrators Urge Veto on Keystone XL Pipeline; Call for Investment in Renewables

Jan 13, 2015

About a dozen members of the Syracuse Peace Council, Green Party, and other groups braved the single digit temperatures Tuesday to urge President Obama to follow through on his promise to veto legislation that would extend the Keystone XL pipeline.  

Demonstrators gather in front of the Galleries in downtown Syracuse, the location of Rep. John Katko's office. They were expressing disappointment in his vote to support the Keystone XL Pipeline.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News
  The Syracuse rally was one of many held around the U.S. and Canada, which called for a focus and investment in renewable energy.  Wayne Chauncey of Nedrow says extraction of fossil fuel from the soil is a waste of time…

 "I feel very sorry for people who invested their time and treasure into fossil fuel.  But the future is solar, there is a bottom to every well, and fossil fuel and hydrocarbon for energy is not a shortcut to the future; it's a dead end." 

 Chauncey says the pipeline won’t give the U.S. energy security because the oil would be shipped overseas.  The rallies are also targeting those members of congress who voted in support of the legislation.  

She's unhappy with CNY's new Congressmember.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News

Rozum and pipeline opponents also say few permanent jobs would be created after construction.