Syracuse Firefighters, Police Help Special-Needs Children Enjoy Valley Field Days

Jul 18, 2013

A swarm of Police and Firefighters responded to Valley Field Days today… they were helping young and special needs children get the most out of the fair. Buses from Syracuse schools pulled into the parking lot at Meachem Field while firefighters and police prepared to help them enjoy the festival.

Syracuse Police Officers and Firefighters turned ride operators and helpers for the kids at Valley Field Days
Credit Maximilian Eyle/WAER News

Captain Field of the Syracuse Fire Department says that it’s a positive experience for everyone involved.

We usually help the kids on and off the rides, and we often get on the rides with them if they get a little scared. It’s more of an assistance, and we enjoy it because the kids thoroughly enjoy it.

Kids of all ages quickly got in line to ride the roller coasters and Ferris wheels that dotted the field.  For more than 20 years police and firefighters have been offering their service in what Deputy Chief Joe Cecile says is a welcome change-of-pace.

Syracuse School buses bring children to enjoy Valley Field Days
Credit Maximilian Eyle/WAER News

  This kind of event does strengthen the police and the community together, and it goes both ways: the police get to do something other than what they normally do, which is chase calls and make arrests. They get to do something different and interact in a different way

The police-community relationship has come a long way, says Chief of Police Frank Fowler, who claims that greater communication has led to greater safety.

Our citizens are picking up the phone and calling us more and more and being a lot more vocal about what’s occurring in their community that’s going to help us and help them.

Valley Field Days has been put on by the Valley Men’s Club for 80 years. The fair will run through Sunday.  All profits from the fair will go to helping children’s sports team, benefiting local seniors, as well as other community needs.