Syracuse Parking Ticket Fines to Increase in July

May 28, 2014

Those caught parking in front of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane in Syracuse will have to shell out twice as much in fines starting July 1st.  

A no stopping zone and fire hydrant along Ostrom Avenue.
Credit Scott Willis / WAER News
  The hefty $40  penalties are among nearly three dozen increases in parking fines approved by common councilors Tuesday.   Parking in a handicap parking spot without a permit will get you a $75 ticket, up from $50.  However, nearly all of the other fines increased by only $5.  Councilor Nader Maroun says they haven’t changed since 1997.

 "For 17 years, this municipality has done nothing to increase these fines.  If you look at other municipalities in the state, you'll see that their fines are much higher than ours, and the time frame from which they have to pay are much less."

 Maroun says even with the increases, the fines are still less than other cities, and councilors may revisit them next year.  The new fine schedule is one of the common council’s budget amendments, with the goal of raising $570,000 additional dollars.  Mayor Miner approved THAT plan, but vetoed many other amendments.  Councilors are expected to override those vetoes Friday.