Syracuse Passengers Get Taste of Easy Pass Through Airport Security

Oct 29, 2013

It might be quicker and easier to get on plane at Hancock Airport now that the TSA has started Pre Check for some passengers.

Frequent fliers traveling through Syracuse’s Hancock Airport might find their time spent dealing with security drastically reduced.

Since July the Transportation Security Administration has been expanding its Pre Check program to airports throughout the United States. This was welcome news today for travelers like Chris Gaca who feel the standard procedures are a hassle.

“Because I’m an older person I’m not as mobile, and taking off the shoes and getting them back on is, sometimes a little bit stressful going through that line”

Passengers who qualify for Pre Check will have access to a separate screening line where they can leave on their shoes, belt, and light outerwear when passing through.


Security Director John McCaffrey says the TSA understands the majority of the public poses no threat. He calls the program a convenient alternative to the previous “one size fits all” approach.

“We’ve decreased our wait times immensely, today about 30 percent plus are going through expedited screening. If we can decrease their wait time going through then they’re happier, we’re happier.”

McCaffrey adds that Pre Check will make security more expedient without sacrificing security. Any passenger can still be subject to random security checks and other layers of background screenings remain intact.

Pre Check is being used on a random basis now, with some travelers finding out on their boarding passes that they can use the expedited service.   Travelers should be able to sign up for Pre Check by the end of the year.