Syracuse University Launches 'Cuse Challenge Course

Oct 8, 2013

The Syracuse City and Onondaga County view from Skytop Hill. Even more panoramic for those who take the challenge.
Credit Jane Hong / WAER News

Up on one of the highest points in Syracuse that overlooks Onondaga County is a new challenge course, operated by Syracuse University’s Department of Recreation Services. W-A-E-R attended today’s opening event earlier this morning.  There were a few individuals already trying out the course when we arrived.

Participants make their way across the 'Cuse Challenge Course.
Credit Jane Hong / WAER News

Director of Recreation Services Joseph Lore explains that the “challenge course” is an effective approach to learning about teamwork.

   "They’re relying on each other to complete the challenge because everything is very challenge-oriented.  And they get a better understanding about team work and the importance of working together and it’s our hope that they’ll take it back to their classroom, their learning community, where they work, with their family.  So, it’s a really unique opportunity to gain a great amount of team work and knowledge of other people you’re engaged with."

Seated on a large wooden platform, a challenge team pull themselves across wires. One man is seen walking overhead on a wire with a safety harness.
Credit Jane Hong / WAER News

Students and members of the Syracuse Community have the option of signing up for either a four or eight hour program with their groups. According to Lore, the large course is able to accommodate multiple groups at one time.  You can visit the challenge course blog or call SU's Assistant Director of Outdoor Education, Scott Catucci at 443-0290.  The course was Catucci's vision.