Take a Trip Through New York State Fair History

Sep 2, 2013

Credit John Smith, WAER News / 2013 NYS State Fair Exhibit

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a trip through New York State Fair History in Syracuse?  The ferris wheel wasn't always on the midway as we know it today.

It was on James Street and men used ropes to spin it around.  Man, did they ever get a work-out, eh?  When did "Old Blue Eyes" Frank Sinatra play the grandstand?  1978 !  What was the largest audience participation event at the grandstand?  When Bob Barker and CBS brought the Price Is Right to the Fair in 1980.  For a look at the exhibit that even includes an advertisement of advance sale tickets to the fair for 25 cents, you can stop by the NYS Grange Building located across from the Dairy Building on the opposite side of Chevy Court.  By the way the only thing that I know of that's a quarter at the Fair... the milk at the  Dairy Building.  The Fair ends Labor Day.