Tax Tips
4:48 pm
Thu February 27, 2014

Tax Tips for Parents, Self-Employed, the AMT and more

Listen to any of the 2014 Tax Tips you might have missed from the week of Feb 24-28...or those you want to hear again. 

Lots of joys and frustrations come from being a parent.  Well at tax time, you want to use your mom or dad status to your advantage.

Tax Tip #6 from February 24.

Dependents, Deductions, Credits, Schedules – all figure into Tax Time.  But there could be an alternative thing to think about – here’s a ‘head-up’.

Tax Tip #7 from February 25.

Ahh…being your own boss, staying in your P-J’s, slippers on, taking calls in your underwear.  O-K enough of that visual…Small Biz owners and self-employed do have perks, but also some tax concerns.

Tax Tip #8 from February 26.

At one time or another we all need a hand – to help us along, or save us from disaster.  Either metaphor just might apply to doing your taxes.

Tax Tip #9 from February 27.

When you pocket that paycheck – or get cash in your hand for a job well done, you know the tax-man is lurking.  You might not know just what income is and isn’t taxable.

Tax Tip #10 from February 28.