Turning Chalk into Art Along Syracuse Sidewalks

Jul 29, 2013

Nearly 125 participants got "down and dirty" at the Syracuse Arts Week festival this weekend as part of the 23rd annual Street Painting competition..

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Sidewalk chalk artists of all ages “staked out their squares” and "drew together" this past weekend. Event organizer Gina Fortino says the sidewalk chalk competition is a blend of all skill sets, ranging from master artists to crafty kids.

"It's a public forum for artists. Artists who do it because they love it, working artists, and everything in between. It's really a celebration of the talent we have here in Syracuse..."

Minoa's Lindsee Rowland is one of those celebrated artists who doesn't mind chalking outside for six hours.

"Sidewalk is really fun in general. It feels more like labor,, it feels like you're putting more into it..."

6-year old Natalia Mauro from the Albany area is a fierce competitor with her sketch of flying pigs.

"In it to win it!"

Fortino says the event is about more than just beautifying sidewalks.

"It's just such a wonderful day where people love each other. How much better does it get than that?"

A little love— a little art—and a lot of messy hands along Montgomery Street.