Vaccination Time...and Not Just for Kids Going to School

Aug 11, 2014

  Parents here in C-N-Y are probably thinking about getting things ready for their kids to go back to school.  Onondaga County Health Officials don’t want you to forget vaccines.  

August is Immunization Awareness Month…and Public Health Educator Karyn Johnson says don’t be worried about any changes the state and schools might make in requirements.

“The state does update what’s recommended every few years or so, but the good news is they’re actually changing it to make it more in line with what the health care providers are already recommending.  So if people are going to their doctor and following the recommendations of their health care provider, more than likely they’re already up-to-date on what’s needed for school anyways.”

She notes people who are seeing a doctor regularly usually don’t have any surprises or problems…but people without insurance or a regular doctor can get some help from the county.  Johnson says immunization clinics are held every Thursday.  She also reminds adults that vaccinations are not just for children.  They recommend flu shots every year, seniors might also get pneumonia or shingles vaccines; and tetanus should be updated every 10 years.  Information about clinics and what’s needed can be found in the Family Health section of the website