Vera House Gears Up for Its White Ribbon Campaign

Mar 25, 2014

Aside from people outside enjoying a mild weather forecast for this Friday, you might also see a lot of walking from Clinton to Armory Square during the lunch hour in support of women.  

Vera House hopes for a large turnout at its annual White Ribbon Campaign in downtown Syracuse this Friday.
Credit Provided by Vera House
Vera House will be holding its official kick-off to its 20th annual White Ribbon Campaign to take a stand against domestic and sexual violence against women.  Many white ribbons and wrist bands have already been distributed to members of the community in preparation for the walk, said  Randi Bregman, executive director of Vera House. 

 “And we invite every person of any age, gender to pin on a ribbon, wear a wristband, eat some chocolate and have conversations about our role in being empowered bystanders,” she said, “and challenging abusive behavior, language, comments and jokes whenever we hear them.”

Vera House receives about 15,000 calls every year for domestic or sexual violence cases and offers support for women (and sometimes even men who also face abuse).  The pre-kickoff walk gets underway at noon on Friday at Clinton Square.