The Votes Are In: Listen to Remarks from Miner and Hogan

Sep 11, 2013

Mayor Stephanie Miner and Democratic Mayoral candidate Pat Hogan gathered with their respective campaign advisors and supporters as the primary results came in.

Pat Hogan watches the primary results with his campaign members.
Credit Kaitlyn Richards / WAER

Hogan's fell behind in the race against incumbent Mayor Miner. In his speech after his defeat, he pointed out that only half the Democrats who voted in the primary support Miner, and acknowledged Alfonso Davis's efforts leading up to the primary election.

In her victory speech, Miner thanked her campaign members and all the voters who "are looking forward, not backward," and wish to see her continue her work.  Miner discussed her platforms on economic development, education reform, and higher education funding, and even mentioned President Obama's visit to the city in August as a sign that things were going well.

Mayor Miner gives her acceptance speech for the Democratic party nomination.
Credit Shawnte Wright / WAER

The general election is November 5, 2013. Republicans have yet to nominate a candidate; Pat Hogan would not comment on the possibility of his nomination on the GOP ticket.