Westcott Merchants Say Construction is Keeping Patrons Away

Jul 24, 2013

Several Westcott Street business owners say construction on the latest Save the Rain project in their neighborhood has brought business to a halt.  Work began three weeks ago on the million dollar project, which will narrow the road, add curbs and landscaping, plus replace sidewalks…all while keeping stormwater from overwhelming the sewer system.   

Construction on Westcott Street.

But business owners gathered Wednesday at the Beer Belly Deli gave city and county officials an earful about how it's impacting their bottom line.  Deputy County Executive for Physcial Services Matt Millea tried to keep things in perspective as he started the discussion…

Officials told the merchants the project is moving along as quickly as possible to minimize the impact.  Still, business owners complained of poor signage and confusing project timelines.  The county promised to use social media to get the word out that businesses are open.  They also committed to another meeting next week to keep merchants updated.   Officials say 95 percent of project should be finished by Thanksgiving.