Women's Day at NY State Fair includes Motivation, Support, Advice

Aug 27, 2014

Picture of Harriet May Mills and cakes honor 80th annual Women's Day at NY State Fair
Credit John Smith/WAER News

  On the 80th Anniversary of Women’s Day at the New York State Fair… Leading ladies have returned to Central New York to inspire and empower women. Syracuse native Yvonne Conte began as a stand-up comic but has been motivating and encouraging women through motivational speaking for almost 20 years.  She was the keynote speaker for today’s annual luncheon.

Yvonne Conte was keynote speaker at Women's Day Luncheon
Credit John Smith/WAER News

  “Honestly I think we should celebrate women, especially women who have children because that’s a tough job.  I don’t think I could do it now.  I have two children; they’re grown and they have children of their own.  I look at my kids and the way they handle their children and I think ‘I should be giving you a medal every single day for the work that you do.’ So we should celebrate women.”

Someone else cooking things up is Celebrity Chef Anne Burrell who includes her Cazenovia roots in her cooking. Mary McCandless is the editor-in-chief for the Women of Upstate Magazine in Central New York. She’s interviewed Burrell and feels Anne’s ‘smart and funny’ presence at Women’s Day is a positive example for women.

“She has a wonderful, wonderful sense of humor and she is a big advocate for people here in Cazenovia.  In fact on her show she uses Cazenovia Cutlery for everything that she does and I think that is an important aspect, that she didn’t lose sight of her home.”

  Women’s Day isn’t just about celebrating successful women from Central New York. Fairgoer Myrtie Wilkos says the day is an opportunity for all women to celebrate who they are… and she is helping to spread the word.

Vera House's Clothesline Project tells stories of women and families impacted by domestic violence.
Credit John Smith/WAER News

  “It’s a nice affair for women because women need to be counted on.  We cam last year and we really enjoyed it so we talked two more people into coming with us this year and it’s a great event. 

Women’s Day also included displays on women’s health issues, professional organizations for women and Vera House’s Clothesline project on domestic violence.