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NPR's Ask Me Another is a lively hour of puzzles, word games, and trivia played in front of (and with) a live audience. Ask Me Another's entertaining melange of brainteasers and fun is a descendant of Weekend Edition Sunday's Puzzle Segment with Will Shortz, but infused with the vibrancy and quick wit of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me.

Listeners can play along, testing their knowledge of history, geography, literature, grammar, spelling, pop culture and even mathematics along with the competitors called up to the stage.

Yes, we do math on the radio. But it's our distinct brand. Try this on your loved ones: Total number of Brontë Sisters, plus total number of Marx Brothers? Or how about the total of Dalmatians, plus all those Luftballoons, divided by Ali Baba's thieves?

Ask Me Another host, noted comedian and storyteller Ophira Eisenberg, guides listeners with her witty banter aided by the comedic riffs and songs of house musician Jonathan Coulton. Each episode features an interview with a VIP (that's Very Important Puzzlers -- noteable actors, comedians, and authors whose identities are revealed via puzzle clues throughout the show), who then takes a turn in the contestant's chair facing trivia games written especially for him or her.

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House Hunters Intergalactic

Aug 26, 2016

Andromeda Dunker, narrator of HGTV's House Hunters and House Hunters International, lends her voice to this game. For one day only, she'll be narrating House Hunters INTERGALACTIC. Andromeda reads a real estate ad and contestants identify what celestial body she's describing.

Heard on Naturi Naughton & Omari Hardwick: Power Puzzlers

Who You Gonna Call?

Aug 26, 2016

We attempt the most dangerous quiz ever on Ask Me Another — parody "Ghostbusters." We took the "Ghostbusters" theme song and rewrote it to be about other things that end with "busters," such as... gangbusters, or bunker busters.

Heard on Naturi Naughton & Omari Hardwick: Power Puzzlers

I'm A Business, Man

Aug 26, 2016

You've heard of "Beats by Dre," the "Oprah Winfrey Network," and Ophira Eisenberg's fragrance line, "Musty Top Notes, by Ophira." Put this knowledge to the test by mashing up the name of a famous person with the name of a company. If we said, "This California Gurls singer tries her hand at men's fashion," you'd answer, "Katy Perry Ellis."

Heard on Naturi Naughton & Omari Hardwick: Power Puzzlers

Heating Up The Competition

Aug 12, 2016

Every answer contains an object that can be found in a kitchen. For example, if we were to say, "Star of Legally Blonde who won an Academy Award for her role in Walk the Line," you'd say, "Reese WitherSPOON."

Heard On Ira Sachs, Jennifer Ehle, Garance Doré: New York Or Paris?

For Ira Sachs and Jennifer Ehle, moviemaking is less of a job than it is a way of life. Sachs' fascination with the film world began while attending Sundance Film Festival in his early teens. After college, he spent three months in Paris, where he saw three films a day — one hundred and ninety-seven films in total.

The Long And The Short Of It

Aug 12, 2016

'E' is the most commonly-used letter in the English language, but you can never have too much of a good thing. In this game, contestants insert the letter 'E' into a common phrase to turn it into a completely different phrase. For example, if we said, "After an hour of Soulcycle, I learned a lot about the bones in my back," you would answer, "SPINE class."

Mystery Guest

Aug 5, 2016

This week's Mystery Guest is Darren Wong, who is responsible for a hot new food trend. What's interesting about it is that his creation looks like something it's not. Can Ophira Eisenberg and Julian Velard figure out what his creation is, and what it looks like?

Heard on Gillian Jacobs And Kate Micucci: Your Brain Is Not Enough

No amount of experience makes an actor completely immune to stage fright. At least, that's what Gillian Jacobs and Kate Micucci say. Jacobs, who has been acting since she was very young, rose to fame when she landed the role of Britta in the acclaimed ensemble TV comedy Community. Since then, she has guest starred on Lena Dunham's Girls, and snagged a leading role in Judd Apatow's Netflix comedy series, Love.

EZ Does It

Aug 5, 2016

Every answer in this final round contains the letters "E-Z." So if we said, "An involuntary expulsion of air from your nose," you would answer, "sneeze."

Heard on Gillian Jacobs And Kate Micucci: Your Brain Is Not Enough

Come Together

Jul 22, 2016

We've reworked The Beatles' hit "Come Together" to be about things that go together, like macaroni and cheese, or Bert and Ernie.

Heard on Loudon Wainwright III: 'Please Discover Me Now!'

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