You and Your Money...Let's Take a Look


You and Your Money...Let's Take a Look with Vicki Brackens is a podcast series designed to address financial literacy and financial planning.  Listeners will get practical financial management tips and interesting news on wealth management and retirement planning.

Vicki Brackens has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She holds the ChFC designation from The American College. Currently she is the co-host of Financial Fitness, the longest running television show on the Syracuse, NY, PBS affiliate WCNY. 

You and Your Money host Vicki Brackens

Her financial planning firm, Brackens Financial Solutions Network, LLC (BFSN) @ SAGE Mark Consulting, Syracuse, NY focuses on investment planning and wealth management.  At BFSN, there are four principals that guide every client interaction: Advocate, Advise, Monitor, and Motivate.

In 2008, Vicki created The World of Cheddar, LLC, a social enterprise dedicated to investigating the power of game play and game mechanics (also known as "gamification") on learning and behavioral change. The current focus is on learning and behavioral change in the area of financial literacy and financial decision-making. 

 Vicki serves as a Research Associate at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. She also serves on numerous local community boards including the Syracuse Area Salvation Army and The Raymond von Dran IDEA Board of Advisors (RvD IDEA). Over her career Vicki has been a thought leader in the area of financial literacy and financial education, and has been quoted in both local and national publications including Black Enterprise, Reuters, The Central New York Business Journal and Essence Magazine. 

Personal Finance
10:20 am
Tue September 24, 2013

You And Your Money Program 2

In this episode of  You and Your Money... Let’s Take a Look,  I’ll  share “ah ha moments”  that I have  encountered  over my  career. I’ll discuss:


  • What Money is
  • The truth about wealth  
  • How your values impact your future financial success, and 
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose. 

 These are a few “truths” that have helped me. I hope that they will inspire and help you too. - Vicki  

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Personal Finance
12:38 pm
Mon September 16, 2013

You And Your Money Program 1

Vicki Brackens

This first episode of You and Your Money...Let's Take a Look introduces you to your host, Vicki Brackens, and sets the stage for what promises to be an enlightening and empowering series.

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