Support WAER

Individual gifts to WAER comprise a large and growing percentage of our total budget. Keeping our programming strong and diverse requires a commitment from listeners like you. Join hundreds of others who support public radio in Central New York, and be among those taking advantage of today's technology by making a gift on line.

What type of gift should I consider?

Become a member - You share in the experience of public radio every day.  Please share in the responsibility of public radio as well.  Make a one-time gift of $35 or more to become a member today.

Become a sustaining member - Sustaining members are our most reliable source of support.  As a sustaining member, you designate the monthly amount (at least a $10 minimum) to be transferred from your bank account, credit or debit card account.  Your monthly contribution is electronically transferred to WAER and a record of your contribution appears on your monthly statements. Contact Mary Evans at 315-443-5253 to set up your sustaining gift account.

Join the Achievers Club - Achievers help WAER realize its utmost potential.  The Achievers Club is a major donor program at the $1,000 and above level that helps WAER achieve its strategic goals.  As a major donor, you will participate in the annual major donor event and receive tickets to concerts and events when available.

Use your Donor Advised Fund - If you have one, consider using your donor advised fund from your local community foundation to support WAER at the Achievers Club level.

Planned Gifts - Planned gifts to WAER are an excellent way to ensure that your commitment to WAER and public broadcasting continue as a part of your legacy.  For more information on planned gifts, click here.

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