24th District Congressional Race

Onondaga County Democratic Committee Endorses Colleen Deacon for Congress

Feb 12, 2016

  In the 24th Congressional District Republican John Katko is running unopposed for his party, however there are plenty of Democratic candidates ready to take his seat in Congress.  

Onondaga County Democratic Committee Chair Mark English says they’ve already endorsed one candidate in the race, Colleen Deacon.  However, the party will have to hold a primary for three candidates. 

Chris Bolt/WAER News

  Republican Congressional Candidate John Katko Thursday tried to clear the air about any confusion or misconceptions about his support for senior citizens.  He held a campaign event where he said he hopes to implement policies that enhance the lives of senior citizens while improving independent living options. Katko plans to help elderly Central New Yorkers by reauthorizing the Older Americans Act.

John Smith

Does Joanie Mahoney see some of the same qualities as former Congressmember James Walsh in Republican John Katko?  Standing along the shore of Willow Bay at Onondaga Lake she recalled Walsh’s efforts to clean it up by securing funding.  

John Smith / WAER News

Most Central New Yorkers are probably keeping an eye on the price at the gas pumps as we head into the holiday weekend.  The Republican Candidate for the 24th Congressional District is partially blaming his opponent for not allowing prices to go down.  John Katko claims that Democratic Congressmember Dan Maffei voted against a bill last week that would have lowered the Federal gas tax.  

  He stood near a gas station on 7th North Street in Liverpool.