Alliance for Quality Education

City Officials Say Syracuse Schools Face Funding Gap

Feb 16, 2016
John Smith / WAER News

Local politicians and Educations officials says Syracuse City Schools are overdue $63 million in State Education Aid.  It dates back to 2007 when the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit was won. Two years later, however, the Alliance for Quality Education says cuts were made that haven’t been restored.  Now officials—such as the organization’s Executive Director Billy Easton—say a $2.4 billion increase in aid to school districts state-wide is necessary.

  Education funding is always one of the most hotly-debated issues in the state budget...and Governor Cuomo set a starting point in his spending proposal Wednesday.  School advocates believe a substantial increase in Cuomo’s state aid proposal might not even allow schools to keep up.

Gov. Cuomo's facebook page

Governor Cuomo delivered his joint State of the State and budget message, proposing a $141.6 billion spending plan that in part sets up a show down with teachers and education advocates. The governor wants 100 more charter schools and an overhaul of teacher evaluations, which he says are “baloney”, because virtually all teachers are rated as adequate.“98% of the teachers rated effective,” Cuomo said. “Who are we kidding, my friends?”

Chris Bolt/WAER News

  Teachers, Parents, School Administrators and others wore blue Monday to protest the way public education is being run and funded.