Cornell University

Cornell University Selects First Woman President

Sep 30, 2014
Cornell University

Cornell University's 13th president will be a woman, the first ever to lead the institution.  The Cornell University Board of Trustees Tuesday unanimously selected Elizabeth Garrett to take the helm next summer.  In a release from the university, chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees and of the Presidential Search Committee Jan Rock Zubrow , says "Our six-month search for Cornell's next president has reached an exciting and historic conclusion.

Brian Sullivan

There's been somewhat of a breakthrough by researchers at Cornell University's lab of ornithology who have a better idea of just how small songbirds migrate.   Scientists have known for over a century that waterfowl like geese and ducks tend to follow the same, narrow migration paths.    But after combing through years of crowd-sourcing data, scientists can now say the travel habits of tiny land-based birds follow less-defined flyways, and instead depend on wind patterns.  LaSorte says until now, the migration of small songbirds was mostly speculation.

  According to a study out of Cornell University, the Great Recession caused higher instances of child abuse and neglect. An analysis of instances of child abuse between 2005 and 2009 in all of the 3,144 counties and county equivalents in the U.S pointed to rising income inequality as a major factor in increased rates of child abuse.

  Some of the scientific community that’s been studying Hydro-fracking for natural gas is trying to broaden the discussion about impacts and expectations.  A series of forums will look at emerging knowledge around gas drilling in Marcellus shale here in New York.