double overtime

Eric Gallanty came on The Double Overtime to discuss the Orange's large run in the first half, DaJuan Coleman's injury scare and a rare appearance from Tyler Roberson with Matt Appel and Marc Weber

Coach Jim Boeheim talks about the reasoning behind playing the press, disappointment in freshman BJ Johnson and how playing in Madison Square Garden won't be the same.  

Syracuse cornerback Julian Whigham spoke to Jarret Leist and Matt Appel about the performance of the defense, his interception and the upcoming game against Florida State.

Bailey Lipschultz came on with Jarret Leist and Marc Weber to discuss the performance of Terrel Hunt, Syracuse's new helmets and Shafer's thoughts on the special teams

Syracuse running back Jerome Smith spoke with Jarret Leist and Marc Weber of The Double Overtime to talk about the new offense, Clemson and his numerous touchdowns.

Tim Langlois hops on the Double Overtime to discuss Syracuse's first win of the season, Terrel Hunt and attendance at the Dome

Syracuse safety Durrell Eskridge talks with Zack Molle and Eric Duick about the Orange's first win of the year