Drug overdose prevention

Youth Substance Abuse
6:40 pm
Fri August 1, 2014

A New Approach to Prevent Youth Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Syracuse

Youth Substance Abuse: Prevention Network starting a coalition to improve and expand drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

  Maybe we need more team members to more effectively stop young people from abusing drugs and alcohol.  That’s the approach Terry Whitt of the Prevention Network is using to get more people involved.

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2:26 pm
Fri March 21, 2014

ACR Health in Syracuse to Offer Training and Kits to Prevent Fatal Overdoses on Opiates and Heroin.

This kit and medicine will be offered through training at ACR to assist people and providers dealing with an overdosed person.
Credit Keegan Tatum / WAER News

Local ambulances and hospitals in Onondaga County have had access to a reversal agent that stops the effects of heroin and opiate pain killers to prevent overdoses for about a month. Now, through a grant, ACR Health in Syracuse is offering training programs for people to get legally trained to administer the drug in the event someone they know is overdosing.

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