Nate Bellavia / WAER News

Central New Yorkers can expect better emergency medical care after a several hundred-thousand-dollar investment by American Medical Response. The company acquired Rural Metro last year and is now expanding Syracuse emergency medical service facilities and upgrading equipment.  AMR's East Region CEO Tom McEntee  says EMS improvements are not only AMR’s efforts but also from the support of other health care providers.

John Smith/WAER News

Emergency Medical Service providers in Central New York respond fast when you need them and what they encounter on each call is constantly evolving.  About 200 of them learned about latest treatments and emergency trends today during E-M-S Teaching Day.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Most Central New Yorkers probably picture an ultrasound machine as large unit in a dark room at a hospital or doctor's office.  Well, advances in technology have shrunk the devices to about the size of a tablet, and they're small enough to carry in the tight confines of a rescue helicopter.    Director of EMS Education at SUNY Upstate Christian Knutsen says ultrasound machines once relegated to hospitals have come a long way from the large units that radiologists struggled to read not that long ago.    EMS professionals Monday got hands-on training with the portable units on real patients.