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Spring and summer brings more Central New Yorkers outdoors and a greater risk of getting tick bites which carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.  Prevention efforts and identifying the symptoms and visual cues of tick bites are essential.  Ticks are not born with Lyme disease; however, they pick it up from animals such as deer and mice.  SUNY ESF Assistant Professor Dr. Bryan Lydet says some of the symptoms to watch-out for are rashes, facial paralysis, and severe arthritis in the knee.

John Smith/WAER News

For the past two days, the 15th Annual New York State Green Building Council brought together experts from the field to discuss the latest trends and advancements.  A discussion on green home building designs was held Friday morning.  The Owner of Unity Homes, Tedd Benson of New Hampshire, designs energy efficient homes with an array of solar panels based on how much power they’ll draw.  His formula for larger homes built in colder climates requires about 7 kilowatts per square foot.

  One look outside at a grassy area will tell you it’s been quite dry for the past month or so.  What does that mean for forests and some of the insects that live there?  First, Dr. Rene Germain wants to make an important distinction.  He's a professor at SUNY ESF's Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management.

" We're in what we call this temporary meteorological drought."