You might be the kind of family that had a gift under the tree for the family dog – or dogs – or the cats, birds, ferrets or whatever your pets.  Well another way to honor animals might be to consider their welfare and their value in your holiday or year-end charitable giving.  The Central New York S-P-C-A uses donations and bequests to provide medical care for animals and a safe haven for those abandoned or mistreated.  The agency also does

  Lots of people think about their pets with holiday gifts and treats.  One Central New York animal advocate wants you to think about other animals this holiday season.  Marion Secor of Skanda Equine has made it sort of a personal quest to see if she can help horses and the people that care for them over the winter. 

Chris Bolt, WAER News

People anxious for the start of the 2015  New York State fair  have to wait no longer as it begins its 12-day run Thursday.

During a preview event, fair officials drew attention to some the changes they feel will interest fairgoers including Equine Avenue. Cazenovia College Professor Doctor Karin Bump hopes it gets more people interested in the horse events and this part of the agriculture industry.

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  Most people know about the Central New York S-P-C-A and its efforts to take care of dogs and cats…but they also take in other animals that get neglected or mistreated.  One special example involved a Cazenovia horse farm.  There's also a fundraiser next month to bring more attention to large animal rescue.

Marion Secor owns Skanda Equine in Cazenovia.  She never intended to take in mistreated animals…but knows a thing or two about them.

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About 100 horses and their owners turned out this weekend for the Lorenzo Driving Competition.  The annual Cazenovia event features horses and carriages that are judged.  The event also shows off the grounds of the Lorenzo State Historic Site.  The Lorenzo House was reopened after renovations.  It was the 38th year of the competition.