Influenza Deaths

John Smith / WAER News

Flu season is upon us, and Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney got her flu shot in hopes of encouraging residents to do the same to stay healthy.  The county is once again offering the vaccine free at its walk-in clinic.  Mahoney says it's quick and easy.

"It was short and sweet and painless," Mahoney said.  "It's something we're asking everybody to do to keep all of us safe.  It's not only good for people to get for themselves, but it's good for your co-workers, for your family.  Flu season is right around the corner."

Scott Willis / WAER News

  Two elderly Onondaga County Residents have died and many others are hospitalized due to an outbreak of the flu.  County health officials say state lab tests confirm 88 cases, or twice as many as this time last year.  But that number is likely only a fraction of actual illness in the community.  The primary virus is Influenza "A" H3N2, which is different than the vaccine and the reason for the spike in illness.   Still, Health Commissioner Doctor Indu Gupta says residents should continue to get inoculated, especially the very old and very young.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Just when Central New Yorkers thought winter was over, it appears the flu season is also sticking around.  It's almost a repeat of last year – where one virus predominates the season, peters out and another strain replaces it, say Onondaga County health officials.   County Medical Director Quoc Nguyen says the H1N1 virus has faded, but influenza type B has been trending up during the past week.

Flu Cases have been on the Rise for Nine Straight weeks in Onondaga County and the County Health Commissioner wonders if we’ll reach the mark this week.  Doctor Cynthia Morrow updated the County Legislature’s Health Committee Thursday morning.