international conference on mercury

Got Mercury? Here's How to Dispose of it Properly

Aug 4, 2017

Monday morning might be a good time to take advantage of the opportunity to safely dispose of old thermostats and prescription drugs sitting around the house.  The Onondaga Resource Recovery Agency is holding its Mercury and Medication Drop-off Event at the Rock Cut Road Transfer Station.  OCRRA spokesperson Kristen Lawton says the event is vital for getting old mercury thermostats and thermometers out of homes and disposed of properly.

A renowned Syracuse University Scientist is arriving in Rhode Island to co-chair an international conference on the continued global threat posed by mercury.  Civil and environmental engineering professor Dr. Charles Driscoll says the U.S. and most developed countries have reduced emissions of the toxic metal from coal-fired power plants and other sources.  Now he says the largest source of mercury pollution comes from developing countries that use it to extract gold from deposits.