Landmark Theatre

By Changing Role, Landmark Theatre Stays on Center Stage

Mar 2, 2018
Matt Mitchell / WAER

Even after 90 years, the show goes on for the Landmark Theatre.

The Syracuse performing arts venue celebrated the milestone anniversary with a community celebration that included a screening of a silent movie and tours of the historic building, the last and grandest of the opulent downtown movie palaces of the early 1900s.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Officials at Syracuse’s Landmark Theatre are hoping to return some stability to the historic venue after a period of poor management and questionable business practices.   New leadership and a strong schedule are aiming for a more promising future.  

It’s been a period of transition at the Landmark.  They parted ways with their executive director in February, and there’s a new president of the board of trustees.  Stephanie Crockett says the board’s mission is clear:

Mark Bialczak

 Syracuse opened its arms wide to embrace its finest musicians performing the work of arguably the most popular band ever.