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Students at Syracuse’s Institute of Technology Wednesday joined others at high schools in Syracuse and across the nation to find ways to create the first tobacco-free generation.  Wednesday’s event was part of the 23rd annual Kick Butts Day.

Dozens of ITC Students tried their hand at the prize wheel as they passed by the cafeteria during lunch periods.  Student assistance counselor Melissa Erlenbeck says they’re trying to empower students…

Death Rates and Costs of Alzhiemer's Care Continue to Increase, says New Study

Mar 21, 2018

A new report from the Alzheimer’s Association indicates that Central New Yorker’s are feeling the impacts of the disease more than they may realize. The report says more people are dying of Alzheimer's and costs for care are skyrocketing.

Oxford University Press

The Chair of the Political Science Department at Syracuse University, like many, finds the re-election victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin unsurprising.  Nor was it very democratic.  Brian Taylor just released his third book about Russian politics: “The Code of Putinism”.  He says, in fact, he was more excited about S-U’s win over Michigan State.

Syracuse.com and SUNY.edu

The Director of the Tully Center for Free Speech at the Newhouse School feels that the Syracuse Post-Standard is within its legal right to sue Onondaga Community College to access information.  The paper recently published an editorial explaining exactly why it wants the details of a confidentiality agreement reached between the college and a former OCC basketball coach to be disclosed.  Associate Professor Roy Gutterman says the newspaper reacted properly.


New Yorkers might have a new way to save for their future, if their workplace doesn’t offer a retirement plan now.  AARP and other groups are confident a proposal called Secure Choice will make it into law this year.  Legislative Director Bill Ferris said lots of people do not have an easy way to set aside a portion of their income.


Actor and public education advocate Cynthia Nixon announced her campaign for governor of New York  Monday. She wants to run in a Democratic primary against incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Nixon made her announcement in a video that shows her with her wife and children in her home, and on the streets of New York, taking her child to school and riding the subway. 

New York is my home,” Nixon said in the video, saying she grew up with her mom, a single mother, in a fifth floor walkup.

Senator Schumer Says "No" to Putting Say Yes Students at Risk

Mar 19, 2018
Scott Willis / WAER News

Scholarship dollars for hundreds of Say Yes students in Syracuse and elsewhere appear to be getting held up in a new federal department of education policy that could cause some students to drop out of college. Senator Chuck Schumer is demanding the Secretary of Education reverse the policy.

Schumer said the problem is that Say Yes and similar scholarship programs are unable to access students’ financial data in order to process payments in a timely manner.  He said this throws up unnecessary roadblocks that can result in late fees for students or worse.

Scott Willis / WAER News

The state of New York is partnering with communication companies as part of a continuing effort to push broadband into more isolated areas.  Without broadband, people in these areas rely on dial-up internet, which means lower transfer speeds and available bandwidth.

Scott Willis / WAER News

We’ve heard of March Madness in college basketball.  But Friday could be called Match Madness for nearly 150 Upstate Medical University students who opened envelopes containing their residency assignments.  That’s where they will spend their first year of training as doctors. 


There’s no question the world of Science suffered a great loss with the passing of physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking.  But experts on people with disabilities say his life was also important in other ways. 

Many people can envision pictures of Stephen Hawking, using a wheelchair and talking through a computer device due to his amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also called Lou Gehrig’s Disease.