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New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul is  marking the 100 year anniversary of women winning the right to vote in the state.  But Hochul says women still have a ways to go to gain true equality.    She spoke with Capital correspondent Karen DeWitt in an interview with public radio and TV.

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Onondaga County’s official tourism promotion agency didn’t have to go far to find its next leader.  Outgoing county legislator and former East Syracuse Mayor Danny Liedka will be the next president and CEO of Visit Syracuse.

Liedka says he had his eye on the job when David Holder stepped down in June. 

“It’s a position that I’ve always admired and tried to build my career towards and when it came open, at that point I put my hat in the ring to go through the search process.”

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The President-elect of the Syracuse Common Council says she has high hopes going into a new mayoral administration that will bring a different tone to city hall.  Democrat Helen Hudson publicly supported and campaigned for Independent Ben Walsh over fellow democrat Juanita Perez Williams.  She says she got to know Walsh as a calm, thoughtful person during her time as councilor-at-large, and his six years as the city’s deputy commissioner of business development.

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Twenty-six lives were lost in the most recent mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  Here in Central New York, The Upstate Trauma Center is taking extra steps to prepare the community for any tragedy with their new course called “Stop the Bleed.”  After just an hour of this course, people can control life-threatening bleeding.  Education Coordinator Jerry Morrison says the course is as easy as A-B-C.

"A is for alert, so it's calling 911.  B is looking for life-threatening bleeding.  C is compression with tourniquets, wound packing, and direct pressure."

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PEACE Inc. has a new community center in East Syracuse to offer assistance to families and individuals with the services they may need.  The Guest-House is not a home you stay in, but its appearance makes it feel like one. 

"This location just has a warm glow to it that draws people in.  The Guest House is used for parties, office space, say if you needed a one day office in the community.” 


Supporters of holding a Constitutional Convention to fix problems in state government say they are disappointed with the resounding defeat of the measure in Tuesday’s voting, but they say they are not giving up.

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Onondaga County Lawmakers Monday temporarily put off a vote on extending the loop the lake trail over what’s called Murphy’s Island. The isolated and heavily contaminated 1.6 acre site sits behind the railroad tracks that run past Destiny USA. Activist Lindsey Speer was among those who praised the delay, and urged lawmakers to take their time. 

Trump Administration Small Business Roundtable Met By Tax Reform Protestors

Nov 6, 2017
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A Trump administration official made a stop in Syracuse Monday to hear what small business owners had to say about the economic climate in New York.  Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon was joined by Congressmembers John Katko and Claudia Tenney at the Tech Garden.  McMahon shared her own experiences businesses that range from coffee and machinery to hospitality and fitness. 


Proposition One on New York’s ballot, which asks voter whether there should be a Constitutional Convention, is getting a lot of attention, with TV ads and social media posts.  But there are two other proposals for voters to consider.    

Proposition Two would modify the state’s constitution to allow judges the discretion to strip the pensions from some elected officials convicted of felonies. It was prompted by a corruption crime wave that’s hit the State Capitol in recent years, and resulted in dozens of arrests, indictments, convictions and imprisonments.

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The local elections on Tuesday aren’t expected to generate much activity at the polls, so it’s probably no surprise the Green Party has a plan to change that.  They’re calling for "Inclusive Democracy" to increase turnout and civic engagement.  Mayoral candidate Howie Hawkins illustrates his point.

"Did you hear there's an election Tuesday?  A lot of people out here, as we knock on doors and make phone calls, they're like what?  We had a presidential election last year.  What's this year?"