natural gas

Philip Cohen / Wikimedia Commons

  The Public Service Commission (PSC) has nixed a plan that would have extended the life of a Cayuga County coal-fired power plant. In 2012, the owners of the Cayuga Power Plant, Upstate New York Power Producers, Inc, told the state it wasn’t economically viable to run and they wanted to close it. But, concerned about the reliability of the electric grid, the PSC ordered them to submit a plan to add the capacity to burn natural gas as well as coal.

Scott Willis / WAER News

Elected officials from Central New York and statewide are calling for an extended moratorium on hydraulic fracturing after they say mounting scientific evidence shows additional risks and harms of the controversial gas drilling technique.    About 140 members of the group Elected officials to Protect New York signed and sent a letter to Governor Cuomo after he announced a clear decision on fracking could come by the end of the month.   The group would like to see a three to five year extension of the moratorium.  Julie Huntsman is co-coordinator of the group and Town of Otsego council member.  She says they’re grateful for the governor’s restraint thus far…

  Some of the scientific community that’s been studying Hydro-fracking for natural gas is trying to broaden the discussion about impacts and expectations.  A series of forums will look at emerging knowledge around gas drilling in Marcellus shale here in New York.